SevenPointFive CMO 90 Capsules

Arthritis, gout and auto-immune disease are targeted by Sevenpointfive’s CMO.

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Lignisul MSM™ 99.9% pure MSM providing naturally occurring Sulfur which the body uses to maintain the structure of proteins in the body, help the formation of keratin, aid in the production of immunoglobin and catalyzing the chemical reactions which change food into energy. CMO™ is the world’s first and only immunomodulator. Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate is the only genuine CMO which can perform the immunomodulation function. CMO helps correct the body’s functions associated with ageing and exercise. Glucosamine – The main function of glucosamine is to stimulate the manufacture of substances necessary for joint repair. As the body ages, it produces less glucosamine, predisposing all joints to injury and stiffness.