Nature Fresh Calcium Complex Tablets 100

NATURE FRESH CALCIUM COMPLEX provides adequate calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, potassium, copper and trace elements that are essential for health and vitality. For general aches and pains, acidity, weak fingernails, loose teeth, weakened thyroids, sleeping problems and especially: menstrual cramps.

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Approximate value for 5 tablets: 1000mg calcium citrate. (400mg elemental calcium). 400mg magnesium complex. (132 mg elemental magnesium). 115mg electrolytes (sodium/pot). 30mg Vitamin C, 3mg boron. 10mg zinc gluconate, 1mg copper. 2mg Vit B6, 2.5 mcg vit D3. Lactose free tissue salts x D6: Calc phos, calc sulph, nat phos, kali mur, calc flour. To assist with calcium balance and rapid uptake.

Allergens / Important mentions

Vegan-friendly. No: lactose, wheat, sugar, yeast, flavour, colour, stimulant or animal product.