Gaia Organics Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Mature Skin Toner Gold 100ml

The Gaia range of toners will not leave the skin feeling dry and taught. The main purpose of the toners are to allow the top dead layer of skin to be sloughed off in a natural and unharmful way. The toners act as an exfoliant gently removing the top layer of skin and enhancing new cellular regeneration. Our unique blend of fruit acids (AHAs), essential oils and herbal extracts combine to assist in achieving the following benefits: • clearer, smoother skin • anti aging by stimulating collagen and elastin naturally • balancing oil production • allowing moisturisers to adhere better • continuing the cleansing process • restoring the pH level of your skin after cleansing AND • providing antioxidants.

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contains: purified rainwater; distillate of witch hazel astringent; seaweed extract, partly for cell-optimising trace minerals, comfrey extract, especially for chlorophyll and healthy cell-proliferating allantoin.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Compliant. Beauty without Cruelty endorsed